“Drawing” – Our Imaginary Travel Plan

“Drawing”. The term that we use to describe a plan that doesn’t happen or a person who makes plan with us but suddenly backs out due to some reason.

Last month, i felt like I was really in dire need of vacation because of too much stress both my personal and professional life were giving me, so I thought of asking a friend to go on a weekend vacation with me. We planned to go back to Talisayen Island but we’re not rushing because we both know that we had a month to prepare. What we finalized ahead was the total number of confirmed people who will be joining us. I got more excited when I learned that 4 of his friends are joining us. We kept talking about other plans but none of us were moving. We didn’t call the contact for boat reservation, and we never talked about the foods that we will be preparing. We’re just excited, that’s it!

Our supposed travel date was March 17th. It was already 15th but we haven’t finalized the plan yet. None of us were reaching to one another until taddddaaaaaaannn! It’s Saturday, March 17th! I was supposed to be driving to Zambales that time while listening to Spotify and singing with my travel buddies, but I found myself lying in my bed, doing nothing but imagine. Just the usual thing that’s happening every time we plan our trip, our travel plan ended up as “drawing” (lol).

What happened awakened my curiosity about why a lot of people often make plans but end up not pursuing it, so I tried to identify the possible reasons and maybe I’ll think afterwards how I can improve some of these habits that I am also guilty of:

1. We do not really want to travel. We just do not want our friend to feel disregarded. You’re friend saw a good place to go to, through social media. S/He immediately tagged your account and commented, “bes tara!”. Because we know how excited s/he is, or maybe because it was a public post, we try to respond affirmatively by saying, “go! Kelan ba yan?” then plans the trip with her/him, but in reality, we’re not in the mood to travel.

2. We want to travel but we are out of budget. We cannot deny it, even if we say it is a budget friendly travel, we still need to have extra money so we need to do a little adjustment to our expenses. We are very much excited to travel, but when we learned about the needed budget, “bes, cancel ako, out of budget eh'”.

3. We love the idea of  traveling but we are not interested in cooperating for the plan. Oh yes, every once in a while, we will be meeting people who would like to travel but does not want to help in the preparation. People like this often say, “let me know how much ang share ha? Bayaran ko agad”. Uy bes, DIY travel kasi tayo diba?

4. Our schedule sucks! Everything in us is ready. Bags are packed, budget is safe, but our boss suddenly gave us task that we need to urgently deliver. “Bes sorry pero work muna, biglaang nagkaroon ng deadline eh”.

5. Busy si Bae. Admit it, there are times when you are okay to travel with your friends but you suddenly backs out because your SO cannot join you and you chose to be with him/her instead of being with your friends. Ouch, bes!

6. No other reason, paasa lang talaga. Maybe this is the most common reason why we cannot pursue our travel plans. There are really people who keeps on agreeing with every idea we have but suddenly cancels their confirmation without giving any reason. Well, what can we do? Ayaw nga diba?

I understand the fact that most of us do not really want to cancel our travel plans. Maybe we just need to learn more how to manage our time and our priorities. Before we confirm, let us check if our schedule would permit us to go on vacation, or set a deadline on when we should take time to treat ourselves. Make sure as well to save so we will not run out of budget. So,  Bes, tara na! Kulayan na natin ang drawing natin.😉

When My Heart Is Broken and Internet Is Down

I won’t make this so long. I just want to share how I spent my day because I didn’t have internet connection for 3 days, and my heart is aching (since last night).

I woke up feeling so sad because of the unfortunate experiences I had. I almost cry, but then I realized that there is so much that I can do to enjoy my day, so right after breakfast, I visited the salon to get my nails and hair done. I was happy of the result but still not satisfied, so I headed to skin care clinic for facial. I felt so refreshed after, but still, i was not that satisfied, so without having a second thought, i went to the eyelash extension center and availed their service. Wow! I was sleeping for 1.5 hours while they were doing the extension.

I felt so happy with how I treated myself today. It happens very seldom that I spend “me time”, but when I was about to head back home, i realized that I forgot to have my lunch, and it’s already 4:30 in the afternoon, so I just bought some foods and took it home. Now, i am waiting for the therapist to give me a full body massage.

Negative vibes cannot ruin my day because there is so much in this world that can make me happy. Oh I love this day!

Unli Chance

Nakapanood ako kagabi ng palabas sa telebisyon na ang title ay 2nd chance. It was a story about a couple who broke up after 8 years of being together then gave each other another chance. After watching it, napaisip ako. Do 2nd chance really work? Why do we say goodbye to someone tapos babalikan din pala natin? Is it really a smart choice if you give yourselves another chance kahit niloko ka na? Sabi nga nila diba, once a manloloko always a manloloko.

So many things were playing in my mind noong mga oras na yun. Feeling affected, hindi naman ako yung bida. Pero well, naisip ko lang kasi about giving the relationship another shot kahit nagkalokohan na. Paano naman kung paulit ulit ang pagbibigay ng chance? Yung tipong naging unli chance na. Yun kaya maituturing na pagmamahal pa din? Sa tuwing sinusubukan natin na ibalik sa dati ang relasyon, sino kaya ang binibigyan ng another chance? Chance ba yun sa atin para finally marealize natin na wala na talagang patutunguhan ang relasyon kaya it’s time to move on, o chance sa kanila para marealize nila na may isang taong nagmamahal sa kanila ng sobra pero dinededma nila dahil sobrang busy sila sa paghahanap ng iba? Hanggang saan ba talaga ang chance na dapat natin ibigay?

Ang hirap kapag pag-ibig ang pinaguusapan. Madalas nasasabi ko, bago hiwalayan, pag-isipan muna kasi baka magmukha kang tanga kung hihiwalay ka tapos babalik ka din pala. Minsan naman nasasabi ko, may mga bagay talaga na pinagsisisihan natin. Kung nagkamali ka ng desisyon at nakakita ng pagkakataon na baguhin ito, go! Try mo ang 2nd chance. Malay mo this time magwork na diba? Pag pumalpak pa din then tigilan mo na. Kaso hindi ganun ang nangyayari. Kadalasan din kasi satin, nasasaktan na ng paulit ulit pero sige lang, try pa din ng try. Minsan sinasabi natin na mas ok nang magtry kesa magkaroon ng mga “what if” sa buhay. Madalas naman pakiramdam natin na yung taong mahal natin eh sya na din ang huling mamahalin natin na para bang wala na talagang mas hihigit sa kanya kahit na napakadami naman dyan (hindi lang talaga natin pinapansin).

Ngayon napapaisip ako, ok lang ba kaya talaga ang 2nd chance? Eh ang unli chance? Bakit kaya may mga taong paulit-ulit na bumabalik sa taong paulit-ulit ding nananakit sa kanila? Sa mga hindi makapag let go, paano kaya? Masasabi pa din ba na tunay na pagmamahal yun o pagpapakatanga na? Kung paulit ulit kang umaasa na hindi ka na lolokohin at sasaktan ng taong mukhang hindi ka naman talaga mahal, paano ka kaya magiging masaya?

Paano kaya magkakaroon ng hangganan ang nakasanayang unli chance?

Valentine Message To You, From Me

Your eyes that steal my words away,

Your smile that makes my heart skip a beat,

Your sense of humor that brightens my day,

Your intelligence that impresses me a lot,

Your dedication to your work that inspires me,

Most importantly, your genuine heart and closeness to God that proves how great you are as a person.

These are just some of the many things I love about you and the reasons why I gave my heart to you. You will always have me no matter how hard the situation may be, for I am still hopeful that someday, the love that I am giving you will all be worth it.

Thank you for staying despite my mood swing.😊

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Marian Orchard

I may not be that religious in the eyes of others, but believe it or not, I have this passion for Catholic churches/theme parks. Last January 2018, I had the chance to visit Marian Orchard, in Balete Batangas. It is a 5 hectare pilgrimage site that is surrounded by several kinds of trees and flowers, and different Catholic-themed sculptures.

✨ This theme park is located in Barangay Malabanan, Balete Batangas

🚘 I traveled via private car and took skyway /SLEX and STAR tollways. I spent more or less P600.00 for the toll fee. If you will be commuting, you may take a bus going to Lipa or Batangas City. Drop off point is Levitown in Marawoy. From there, you can ride a jeepney that passes by Marian Orchard

✔️ Parking Space – outside the theme park

✨ Entrance Fee: P50.00 per person – As stated in the ticket, the entrance fee serves as a donation that goes to the upkeep and development of the pilgrimage site.

✨ They are open daily, from 7:00 AM until 7:00 PM.

✨ Mass schedule is every first Friday of the month, Saturday, and Sunday, 4:00 pm

✔️ They have souvenir shop that offers several items such as key chains, mugs, t-shirts, and accessories

✔️ They also have cafeteria that sells snacks and drinks

📱 +639156042566

🌐 http://www.marian-orchard.ph

Talisayen Cove, Zambales

Of all the places I have been to this 2017, Talisayen Cove is on top of my list (well you’ll notice that I kept mentioning it in my previous posts). In fact, I visited this place three (3) times this year, first was last January, second was on the 2nd week of December, and third was last December 30, 2017, which I considered as the most memorable because I was with my family.

January 2017. My friends and I planned to stay in this place overnight and we’re able to contact Kuya Paul America.

Contact Number: 0939902539 / 09175919524

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/talisayencove

They do not accept walk-in guests because they want to make sure that those who are coming can use their cottage and other facilities, and will not go home disappointed.We paid P6,000 (divided into 7pax). I think their minimum package is at P4,000. Inclusions are as follows:

1. Boat

2. Accommodation (cottage with 3 separate rooms

3. Kitchen/Cooking utensils

4. Free use of cooking area (charcoal included)

5. Common (but clean) rest rooms

6. Trekking

7. Free use of cooler

8. Water supply

9. Electricity until 12mn (but there is no power plug and sockets)

10. Free use of volleyball court

They also have a sari-sari store but of course, expect the items to be a little expensive than its usual retail price.

We all had a great time because all of them, who are taking care of the island, were accommodating. They even bought the meats and fishes that we asked to ensure freshness since we were coming from Manila and had to travel 5 hours. The place was also not crowded.

2nd week of December 2017, we booked again our Talisayen trip, but this time, with Kuya Joven.

Contact number: 09159599595

If what you are looking for is a camping-like tour, then I would recommend kuya Joven. P500 per person fee is inclusive of the following:

1. Boat

2. Tent (sharing for 2pax)

3. 5 gallons drinking water

4. Common rest rooms (not that maintained)

5. Scheduled water supply

6. Cooking utensils

We stayed on the other side of the island (far from the previous one where we stayed). The beach in front of us was rocky. We had a hard time cooking our food because there was no kitchen. We had no choice but to look for rocks that we can use and we also had to make fire in the sand. It was very challenging because there was no electricity. It took us 2 hours to cook our adobo for dinner. But to be fair, the caretaker and her family were really trying their best to accommodate us well. They let us borrow their monobloc table and chairs. They also gave a us hot water for our coffee.

Last week of December. As I have said, this was my most memorable Talisayen Trip because I was with my family. Although it was just a day tour, I still had a great time and I felt like it was a first time experience. We booked again our tour with Kuya Paul. We were 11 (4 were kids) and we paid P4,000. Inclusions are the same when I first traveled to this place.

Another thing that I appreciate about Kuya Paul is his honesty. My brother-in-law left his Oakley shades and he informed Kuya Paul when we were about to get off from the boat. He gave us assurance that it will be safe and that he will be returning it once he had the chance to travel to Olongapo City. Few days after our trip, he texted my brother-in-law and met with him to return the shades. Now I have another reason to recommend him and their place.

What do you have to consider when preparing your budget for this trip?

1. Transportation – If you will be commuting, ride a bus to Iba Zambales or Olongapo City then transfer to another bus to Iba Zambales. Drop off point in Zambales is Pundaquit.

2. Environmental Fee – P20 per person

3. Boat/Accommodation – minimum P4,000 or P500 per person depending on where you will book your tour and the total number of pax

4. Cottage – P350. However, cottage in Talisayen Cove (c/o Kuya Paul) is free

5. Food – you can drop by Castillejos Public Market

6. Bonfire – P150 – P300

7. Parking Fee – P100 (day tour); P200 (overnight)

8. Ice block / tube ice – P50 – P150 depending on the size. You will find a lot of stores in Pundaquit but make sure you have your cooler where you can store your ice.

What to consider when traveling?


How to get to Pundaquit, if you are coming from Manila (this is where you will ride the boat to Talisayen Cove)

1. Private Car

Option 1.

– NLEX Balintawak – P45

– SCTEX to SFEX/Tipo – P429

– Tipo Exit to SBMA Exit in Kalaklan – P0

– Kalaklan – Pundaquit – P0

Total: P474

Option 2.

– NLEX Balintawak – P45

– San Fernando Exit – P169

– SCTEX Dinalupihan – SFEX/Tipo – P60

– Tipo Exit to SBMA Exit in Kalaklan – P0

– Kalaklan – Pundaquit

Total: P274

Option 3.

– NLEX Balintawak – P45

– San Fernando Exit – 169

– SFEX/Tipo Exit – P25

– Tipo Exit to SBMA Exit in Kalaklan – P0

– Kalaklan – Pundaquit – P0

Total: P239

Option 4.

– NLEX Balintawak – P45

– San Fernando Exit – P169

– Service Rd from San Fernando to Olongapo – P0

– Olongapo to Pundaquit – P0

Total: P214

2. Public Transportation

– Travel to Olongapo City then Pundaquit (via Victory Liner going to Iba Zambales)

– Travel to Pundaquit via Victory Liner going to Iba Zambales)


Tip: you will not find any ATM in Pundaquit, or even after Castillejos Zambales, so make sure you already have enough cash before heading to the island.

All photos below were taken during my 1st and 3rd visit to the island. I was a bit disappointed on our 2nd tour, probably because I was expecting for the same experience and location, which unfortunately did not happen. I learned after that Talisayen Cove (c/o Kuya Paul) is considered a private island that is why other contact persons (or boatmen) are not allowed to use whatever facility they have in Kuya Paul’s place.

Crystal Beach, Zambales

I have been longing to see Crystal Beach Resort since Q1 of 2017, and finally, after several months of dreaming about it, I was able to see the place, not just once, but twice. First visit was with h.s. friends, and it was unplanned. We were just thinking of where to go and I suggested Crystal Beach since it is just an hour and a half drive from Olongapo City (of course part of it was for me to tick the place off my bucket list). We only had a day tour because we all have other commitments the following day. Second visit happened only 2 weeks after the first one, with officemates. We stayed in the place overnight. Different date, different companion, but the excitement i felt when I saw the place was the same. Although I was not really impressed with everything that they offer, I still think the place deserves a fair review.

What I appreciate about the place?

1. The vast and relaxing beach will surely give you a spot where you and your friends/family can enjoy without being destructed by other guests.

2. The view is just so perfect for your selfies (though Im not really into it), and the place is filled with so much hugot lines that many people can surely relate to.

3. Tent they offer also includes basic toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste), beddings (foam, pillow, blanket), and bottled water.

4. Acoustic night was one of the things that I really enjoyed. It’s really fun listening to good music, while chilling out with friends at the beach.

5. Food is just fine. You need to have at least Php 150.00 for each meal, otherwise have it outside the beach (you will find stores that sell bbq, rice, siomai, etc.).

6. They offer variety of foods in their buffet breakfast and you can stay from 6:00 am – 10:00 am.

7. You are allowed to stay in the restaurant to play board games/ cards with your family/friends.

8. You can learn surfing from their professional surfing instructors (Php 400.00 per hour and that includes surf board rental).

9. Sunset view is perfect. Well, who doesn’t like to see sunset at the beach?

What I appreciate less about the place?

1. Front desk officers are not that accommodating. Oftentimes, you have to make a follow up for them to process your concern.

2. The place is too big that you have to walk quite far to the bathroom, unless maybe if your room has its own.

3. Some rates seem to be a little unreasonable. Their day tour is Php 500.00. From this, you’ll get a meal stub amounting to Php 150.00, which means that you do not have a choice but to buy food from their restaurant. You also need to pay the deposit fee of Php 100.00 that is refundable only if you check-out not later than 5:00 pm. I do understand that they need to charge extra if you will be staying at night because they have this acoustic night and fire dance show, but I don’t think charging additional Php 100.00 is still needed if the guest checked-in late afternoon. Another unreasonable rate is the tent. Tent rental is Php 950.00 per person and is usually for sharing, up to 4 pax, and again, you will be asked to have your deposit fee but this time, you have to pay Php 1,000.00 per tent, refundable upon check-out. Rate is also unreasonable even if you have your own tent. Whether you stay only for a day or overnight, if you want to pitch your own tent then you have to pay a fee of Php 685.00 per person, plus a separate deposit fee. Again, your payment includes meal stub.

Note: This place is more advisable if you wish to go surfing.

How To Get To Here?

Crystal Beach is an hour and a half drive from Olongapo City. If you are coming from Manila, that would be 4.5 to 5 hours travel. Well, if you will take public transport, ride Victory Liner bus to Zambales, or Olongapo City then take another bus to Zambales. Nearest landmark is San Sebastian Catholic Church in San Marcelino. From there, you can ride a tricycle going to Crystal Beach.

If you are using waze, do not turn left when it says, or you see, that you are arriving at the place. I saw a lot of cars heading the wrong way or to another beach beside Crystal Beach. I also did the same and so I had to make a u-turn. Entrance has signage and it is located just along the road. Anyway, it is the only thing that is not accurate with waze’s direction.

How Much Budget Would You Be Needing?

Entrance Fee:

Day Tour – Php 500.00 per person + Php 100.00 deposit (valid for refund if you check out not later than 5:00pm)

Beach Cottage – free


They offer several types of accommodation depending on budget and number of pax.

Take note, you need to pay for deposit fee upon check-in.


Meal is included in your entrance fee (Php 150.00 meal stub for day tour, and breakfast meal stub if you are staying overnight). For other meals, an average budget of Php 150.00 is enough.

Just bring extra cash if you wish to have some beer or buy some foods.

That’s it!

You might also want to consider visiting Subic Bay before heading back home. Here is the link for some tips on where to go: