Jollibee’s “Vow” Follow-Up Commercial 

Earlier, I saw this commercial by Jollibee re: a girl who was friendzoned by her best friend, and later on became her bf (oh well, I assumed they became couple in the end).

(Jollibee commercial, posted in Jollibee’s official fb page)

(Full story, posted in Trending Moves’ fb page)

I know many people believe that it is best to be friends first with someone before you enter into a romantic relationship with them. I have nothing against it, and at some point, yes, I agree because being labeled as “friends, for now” usually mean that 2 persons are giving theirselves time to know each other better. However, there are these people who do not consider their relationship with the opposite sex as “friends, for now” but instead, they see them as “just a friend”, just like how the guy in the commercial saw his girl friend, “just a friend” or his “best friend”.

I watched the video, and I couldn’t imagine myself falling in love with someone whom i consider as my “best friend”. I have boy friends, and I sometimes spend whole day and night hanging out with them. But being in a romantic relationship with any of them never really crossed my mind. Why? Because i believe in love/lust at first sight. 😁😉 Well, it’s not that I don’t find my boy friends attractive. They are very good guys and I know that they have what it takes to be the best boyfriend/husband in the world. I just value the friendship so much that I couldn’t put what we have at risk for something that I am unsure if will last forever. Pag kaibigan, kaibigan lang. Walang tablahan.🙂

The commercial is good but not all, I believe, can relate. That includes me.

Oh by the way, I think Jollibee had an effective marketing strategy. Look what I had for dinner.😊

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