Just this week, two of the well known celebrities, Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, have committed suicide. Apparently, depression was the main cause why these two have taken their own lives and it wasn’t surprising that no one, maybe even from their family or close friends, has seen what they had been going through.

As defined in the dictionary of Psychology by J.P. Chaplin, Ph.D, DEPRESSION (1) in the normal individual, is a state of dependency characterized by feeling of inadequacy, lowered activity, and permission about the future. (2) In pathological cases, depression is an extreme state of unresponsiveness to stimuli, together with self-depreciation, delusions of inadequacy, and hopelessness.

Depression is an illness that should not be taken for granted. It is a serious condition that makes a person feel less important or worthless. It negatively affects the way we think, the way we feel and it loses our interest in everything. Dealing with depression is like fighting for our own lives. Sometimes, we feel like giving up, and sometimes, we wish from God to give us another chance. I know how hard it is to have this condition as I almost suffered from depression.

Being a secretive type of person, I am honestly not that confident in opening up all my problems. I also don’t let people know that I care about what they say, but to be honest, I do. However, I always overthink everything and then try to solve my issues on my own. I thought I’d be able to do it alone, but I was wrong. I came to a point where I already felt like I was so worthless.

My work and some personal issues have contributed to my depression. I have developed a low self-esteem and I am always overwhelmed by stress. I cry every night and no one knows about it. I give people advise when they have problem, but none of them is aware that I am also fighting  a battle with my own demon. There was actually one time where I thought of just ending my life but thank God I have my family whom I love more than anybody else. I still have a reason to live.

Right now, I am still having some trouble coping with stress at work, knowing that many people still keep on dragging me down. I am also dealing with a lot of personal issues. Some still believe that I am a failure but I will never give up. I’ll continue to fight until I get the happiness I know I deserve. I always keep in mind that I will never be alone in this battle because I know that God is always there to guide me. I am not that religious, but I always talk to Him. There was actually one time where I visited the church and while the mass was on-going, I prayed for his guidance. I suddenly cried when “The Lord’s Prayer” was played. I felt God’s presence and I was relieved because I knew from that moment that He will never let my problems take away my happiness.

Dealing with depression is hard, and we cannot really tell who among our loved ones are suffering from this serious illness, so we should spend time with them as much as we can. Make them feel that they matter to you. Be appreciative so they can also do the same with others. Try not to be judgmental. Do not take for granted those people who care for you. Always keep in mind that even your strongest, happiest, and kindest friend or family is going through something. Check them as well and make sure that they are really doing fine.

If you are suffering from depression, or if you feel like you are alone in your battle, think of your family, think of your true friends, and most importantly, pray. If you feel that you cannot do it, do not be afraid to seek for professional help.

We may say that life is not perfect because we encounter problems and trials, but take note, being able to overcome those make us stronger and that experience is what makes life perfect.

Don’t let depression win! Don’t let it take away our happiness and dreams! Keep fighting! Keep moving forward!

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