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Slam books were very common among those who were born in 90’s. It is where people answer personal questions, and being asked to write on someone’s slam book makes me feel appreciated because normally, we only choose whose names we would like to see in our own book. Most common questions were: 1. Who is your crush?; 2. Who was your first love (playing safe, so I always answer this question with “my parents”😁); 3. Who was your first kiss? Etc.

I’m not sure if today’s generation will understand why we loved collecting slam books before because for most of them, everything is digital. They are probably correct and since we now have a more advanced technology, I have thought of using this platform in making my own online slam book. 😊

Here’s few fun facts about me:

Name: Mhaggie Cardo

Nickname: Mhaggie, Mhagz

Birth Stone: Amethyst

Height: 5’6

Age when I first learned to read: 3 y.o.

Something I thought about a lot as a child:

1. Making my own sprite soda by combining water, coconut juice, and sugar. I was convinced before that those were the primary ingredients of sprite and that I can soon make my own version of it.

2. Becoming a millionaire by saving at least 1 peso per day. I was 5 that time and I tried counting how much I needed to save per year for me to have a million at the age of 20.

One thing I will never forget doing in college:

Cutting our gymnastic class. I and my friends only had our attendance checked and went out after. We were caught in a dressing room. We immediately locked the door but our prof tried to forcedly open it. My friends decided to hide behind the locker area. I knew that time that we had nowhere to escape so I was left with no choice but to open the door and just pretend that I was not feeling well and that I was alone in the room. Obviously, she didn’t believe me because our PE uniforms were scattered on the floor. She headed straight to the locker area and saw my friends sitting at the corner. When they were caught, they suddenly waived their hands and said hi. IDs were confiscated and we almost lost our chance to perform in our university week, which will be considered as our final exam. Thanks to our dean for saving us. Moving forward to releasing of grades, our prof told me I got 1.5. It was supposed to be perfect 1 but minus .5 for cutting her class. 😂

One thing that makes me proud of myself:

I don’t quit easily. I always keep on trying to achieve my goals and save anything that matters to me.

Something that I miss:


Thing(s) people do not know about me:

1. It takes 2-3 hours for me to finish my meal and I couldn’t eat without watching tv.

2. I love dancing in my room, and I feel like I am a pro.

3. I love singing (silently) to songs with high notes. I imagine myself performing in a crowd, and again, I feel like I am a pro.

I do all these things ONLY when Im alone and at home.😂

Most unforgettable experience I had as a student.

1. I graduated with highest honor when I was in kinder but because I was a year younger, the school, where I was transferred, did not accept me to be enrolled in grade 1. They did not even allow me to take the acceleration test so my parents decided to just enroll me again in kinder. It was awkward because some of my batch mates were on the same school as mine and they were already in grade 1. Good thing was that I graduated again with highest honor. So, technically, I was once a repeater valedictorian.

2. I focused too much on my review that I forgot to check the calendar. I thought it was already our preliminary exam so I went to school with nothing but only pen and reviewer. After learning that it was not yet our examination day, I immediately called at home and asked my sister to bring my bag to school. This happened when I was in 5th grade.

3. I was assigned as one of the cadet officers during our Preparatory Military Training. My sword was broken and I did not have time to buy a new one so I took my sister’s old sword and brought it to training. We were on stage performing the routine when I accidentally dismantled my sword. Every piece of it were scattered on the floor so I had to pick it up and re-assemble. Of course, I also had to deal with a punishment (20 counts of exercise). That was so embarrassing.

Food that I eat in a weird way:


Chips + mayonnaise

One thing I never forget doing before bedtime.

Thanking God for letting me survive the day. I seldom go to church but I always say “Thank You, Lord” before bedtime.

That’s it for now. At least with these few facts, you will get to know a little about me.😊

Have a great day ahead!

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