Swimming Lesson – Day 1

Freediving has always been one of the skills that I really wanted to acquire. I love exploring the islands of the Philippines, unfortunately, since I only know basic swimming, I couldn’t enjoy my travel to the fullest. I wanted to swim in deep water. I wanted to personally see how awesome marine ecosystem is, and I know that freediving is the best way to make all these possible.

Last week, I thought of enrolling myself in a freediving academy but I felt that learning proper swimming should come first because I need to gain more confidence in the water. I enrolled myself in Swim Travel PH. I actually inquired with Azul Freediving but I was asked to book an appointment with Swim Travel PH for the swimming class.

Earlier was my 1st formal swimming lesson. I was joined by other students, all adults, who also wanted to learn like me. I booked my appointment at Philsport Complex, Pasig. Since it was the 1st session, we were taught the basic swimming techniques such as proper breathing and floating. After that, we did the broken arrow drill. It was only an hour of session, but I learned a lot. As I have said, I can swim but since I didn’t have proper training, I still felt like I was really a beginner (although our coach saw that I was sometimes doing other advance techniques).

I still have 4 remaining sessions before I start my freediving class. Our coach earlier told us that there will be an open water swimming this coming November, and I’m planning to join to see if my investment for this lesson is worth it.

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