Swimming Lesson – Day 2

Yesterday was my second swimming session. As I have previously said, I decided to enroll because I will be taking freediving lesson and hopefully get a certification. I booked my appointment at Ultra – Philippine Sport Complex in Pasig. Our lesson was supposed to last only for an hour, from 1pm – 2pm but our friendly coach, coach Ervin, have decided to extend our class until 4:30 PM.

Coach Ervin is approachable and I like the way he teach his students. He made sure that each of us were comfortable in the water and we all felt like we were just having fun. Our focus was basic water survival. We learned different types of floating like back float, turtle float, which you can use when you are trying to avoid stepping on corals, and jellyfish float which is useful in case you suffer cramps while on water. Other techniques that were taught were treading, sculling, doggy paddle, frog style, and a lot more.

After our class, I felt more comfortable swimming in deep water. Because of that, I have finally decided to join the open water swimming that is scheduled on November 17, 2018. Hopefully, I won’t panic (lol!).

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