Kurokutok Nature Park

Hey guys! Guess what I just discovered. There’s a nature park and resort in Cawag Zambales that’s perfect for you and your loved ones! The place is called Kurokutok Nature Park. According to their friendly staffs, the place was used to be open to public, for free, however, because of the growing number of guests, the owner have decided to make it a business to help maintain the resort.

Kurokutok is a nature-friendly resort. They have 11 small to average sized spring water pools, including kiddie pools. You can also swim on a mountain stream. This is great for those adventure seekers who love nature.

How to get to Kuro?

We tried using waze to Kuro unfortunately, the map seemed inaccurate. But here’s a guide on how you can reach the place. We used the shortcut road to avoid traffic in some areas.

Kuro is only few miles away from Subic Bay Freeport Zone. If you are coming from Manila, you may head to SBFZ and exit in Kalaklan Gate. From there, head straight to Subic Market.

You may also opt to buy food in Subic Market. That’s what we usually do when heading to a resort in Zambales, to ensure freshness of meat and veggies.

Once you enter Subic Market, set your waze to Club Morocco then head straight to Govic Highway.

There is a small signage on Sitio Cawag going to Kuro. When you get there, you will notice a public pool along the road. Nah! That’s not yet Kuro but it could be your guide going to the place. Few meters from the public pool, you will see a rough road on your right side. That’s the way to Kurokutok Nature Park.

If you are traveling via public transport, you have the option to ride Victory Liner to Iba Zambales, or Olongapo City then ride a blue jeepney. Your drop off point could be PNP Subic. From there you may ride a tricycle going to Cawag – Kurokutok Nature Park. There is no public transportation directly from Kurokutok so you might need to talk to the tricycle driver and ask if you can be picked-up. Take note, Kuro is quite far from the main road.

Is There An Available Parking Space?

Yes, parking lot is located near the entrance area.

How Much Is The Entrance Fee?

📍 Entrance Fee for day tour is Php 200.00 per head (9am – 5pm). Senior Citizen can avail 50% discount. toddlers are free. Your entrance is also free if your birthday is within 3 days prior to or after your visit to Kuro (you have to present an ID with date of birth).

📍Entrance Fee for overnight stay is Php 400.00 per head. Check-in time is 2:00 pm and check-out at 12:00 nn. Again, senior citizens, toddlers, and birthday celebrants have discounts. Fee is inclusive of tent, and other basic necessities (pillow, blanket, etc.).

How Much Is The Accommodation?

📍You can avail their cottage for as low as Php 800.00.

📍 For day tour, you can have their room for Php 1,500.00. No limit on number of guests since you will not be staying overnight. We booked this room so we can secure our stuffs while exploring the resort.

📍 The room that we availed costs Php 2,000.00 if you are going to stay overnight. This is good for 4 pax. In excess to 4, you may choose to get another room or pay the Php 400.00 fee, with tent. 2 pax is free if you are traveling in a group of 10 or more and will be staying overnight.

What Are The Resort Amenities?

📍 Swimming pools and mountain stream

📍 Common kitchen with Php 100.00 fee. Utensils are also available

📍 Common rest rooms and shower rooms

📍 Canteen

📍 Function Hall

📍 500 meter zipline. Fee is Php 100.00 on your 1st ride and Php 50.00 on your succeeding rides.

📍 Trekking

Is Walk-in Allowed?

NO. Walk-in guests are not allowed. Never try your luck because you will not be accommodated. You need to have your reservation. Kurokutok maintains the nature and the beauty of their resort that is why they always limit the number of their guests.

How To Reserve?

Reservation is simple. All you have to do is send them a message on their facebook page.

Here are more shots from our tour to further show you how awesome the place is.


My sister and I, together with her friends, visited Kuro last December 2018, and we noticed some improvements:

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  1. can i have a contact detail please. or can i make a reservation for day tour good for 8-10 person


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