Swimming Lesson – Day 3

Yay! I’m done with my 3rd swimming lesson, the happiest session I’ve joined so far. Why? Because it was the time that I finally conquered my fear of swimming in deep water without life vest and…. I met new people with the same interest as mine.

Since my schedule was 9am and the pool closes at 11:30am, I had the chance to practice breaststroke and other techniques that were taught during the previous sessions. It was an exciting day but what made it more fun was the opportunity I had to meet new people who suddenly became my friends. I first met Ate Weng who travelled all the way from Pampanga to take the class. We were on the same schedule so we had the chance to talk about random things while waiting for 8-9 am class to end. I learned that we have the same objective why we are taking the class, and that is to join a team that helps promote and preserve the marine ecosystem, and to learn water survival techniques (well, that is apart from achieving our travel goals). After our swimming lesson, Ate Weng and I decided to go home together. That was also the time when I met Ome. I gave both of them a ride to their destination (SM Megamall and Victory Liner Pasay). I enjoyed sharing my swimming experiences and I also loved listening to their stories. I realized, after, that gaining new friends is always one of the perks of engaging into a certain outdoor activity.

Groufie with Ome, Ate Weng, and Coach Griin (photo credit: Ome)

I still have 2 more sessions left before I start my freediving class, but before that, I’ll be joining the open water swimming this weekend in Bauan, Batangas. Although I wasn’t able to join the swimming preparation that was held last Saturday, Coach Griin thinks that I can still do it because I am “pabibo” on water (lol!).

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