Swimming Lesson – Day 4

Last November 25, 2018, I attended my 4th swimming lesson in Ultra. I was a bit hesitant to attend that time because I just had fever but I told myself that I had to be there because first, I already booked my schedule, second, I missed swimming, and lastly, I felt that my body was badly in need of exercise.

Our 4th session was about freestyle. I was already doing this technique even before I enrolled in swimming lesson, but I realized that I was doing it wrong. Freestyle was harder than I thought. I couldn’t glide properly and I often feel like drowning everytime I try. Water kept entering my nose and it made me feel more uncomfortable.

It took me about 30 minutes before I was able to perfect the technique. Although inconsistent, I was still happy that I was able to do it right.

One more session and I can already take my freediving class. Excited much!

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