Birthday Swim 2019

I don’t usually celebrate my birthday. For me, it’s just like an ordinary day where I do my usual stuff like going to work or staying at home, binge watching movies. However this year, I decided to go for a swim because 1) I really missed it, 2) I wanted to continuously practice what I have learned, and 3) joining the open water swimming is always fun.

As usual, I joined Swimtravel PH’s open water graduation swim. Although I was already done with my classes, I chose to still participate in the activity to enhance my swimming skill, and unlike last year where I was suffering from high fever, I enjoyed our activity this time because I was more comfortable in deep water. I was even able to dive and see jack of fish and sea turtle.

Sunset is ❤️

Perks of Joining Swimtravel PH

1. Guaranteed learning after 5 sessions

2. Cool and patient coaches (especially coach Griin)

3. Friendly students. Some of them even became good friends of mine.

4. Chance to practice swimming in an open water, because they regularly schedule an open water event and former students can join.

5. Learning how to swim can definitely change your outlook in life. Yes, when you feel like your life is already boring, try swimming and you will realize that you can do something great that you never thought you’ll be capable of doing.

Our Itinerary

Day 1

3:45 AM – Meet-up time at Petron Buendia

4:00 AM – Departure (via Skyway and Star Toll)

7:00 AM – Arrival at the resort parking area

7:20 AM – Boat ride going to Bus Stop Dive Resort

7:35 AM – Breakfast with Unlimited Kapeng Barako

8:30 AM – Preparation

9:00 AM – Open Water Swimming

12:00 PM – Lunch

1:00 PM – Chill time

3:00 PM – Snorkeling

5:30 PM – Rest time

8:00 PM – Dinner Time / bonding with the group

Day 2

This was our free time. Some went for a swim early in the morning. Breakfast was served, plus of course we had an unlimited kapeng barako.

12:00 PM – Lunch Time

1:00 PM – free time again.

3:00 PM – Departure

6:30 PM – Arrival in Buendia

Photo Credit: Swimtravel PH
Photo Credit: Swimtravel PH

Open Water Investment: Php 2,800

They have cheaper rate if you opt to stay in a tent.


1. Fan room

2. 4 Meals (Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast and lunch on the 2nd day), PM snack, Unlimited Kapeng Barako

3. Goggles and fins for snorkeling (but you can still bring your own)

We didn’t really celebrate my birthday but I still enjoyed the moment I shared with co-students and my coach. We all stayed overnight at Bus Stop Dive Resort, in Bauan Batangas and what I appreciate more about the place, aside from the beach, was the service that they offered, from food, accommodation to their friendly personnel.

This was by far the most memorable birthday I have ever had. I will definitely go back here and join future open water sessions.

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