Life of A Rescued Fur Babies

Dogs are family. They’re supposed to be our best friends, but why are there people who treat them like they are everyone’s worst enemy? Where do they get the nerve to hurt or abuse the poor fur babies?

Looking at the rescued dogs from MBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary was so heartbreaking. Their eyes were asking for so much help and most of them were like wishing to be a part of a happy family. Although many have shown their excitement upon seeing me and my co-workers, there were also some that were aloof. They distant theirselves everytime we approach them. These dogs had traumatic experiences with human.

He wasn’t afraid to come closer. Looks like he is longing for a family.
The most playful cuties in the shelter.
He was abandoned by his owner because of his condition.
He was so afraid of human.
He was rescued just a week before we visited the shelter. He has tumor that needs to be removed.
The welcoming committee.😁
Sister dogs. They were so afraid of us.😢
He didn’t even eat his treat.
MBY Pet Rescue and Shelter is doing its best to provide their rescued pets a comfortable shelter.

MBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary is a Non Government Organization that rescues stray and abandoned animals. During our visit last March 24, 2019, they already rescued a total of almost 700 dogs and cats. There were also some that were surrendered by their owners.

MBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary is dependent on support that is given by people who care. From food, medication, vitamins, cleaning materials to maintain the shelter, to their caretakers’ allowances. If you are an animal lover, I urge you to support them. A simple donation from someone who genuinely cares would be of great help.

What to do if we see a stray, abandoned, and maltreated dog/cat?

🐾 Report to an organization that saves the animal. You can message MBY through their facebook page.

🐾 You can also call or message them through the mobile number indicated on their fb page: +639977351231

What are they doing in MBY? (Based on their fb page)

🐾 Working to make difference

🐾 Working to save lives

🐾 Working to prevent abuse / cruelty on animals

What to do if you want to adopt a dog/cat from MBY?

🐾 Visit their shelter at #113 Pantay St., Sitio Talaga, Barangay Maybancal, 1960 Morong Rizal

🐾 Choose a dog/cat that you want to adopt

🐾 Visit again their shelter. This is one way of seeing how willing you are to bring home your chosen pet with you.

🐾 MBY will visit your place and inspect if you have enough and safe space for the dog/cat. A comfortable home is an essential requirement.

🐾 Documentation processing

🐾 Once everything is done then Congratulations! You are now an official fur parent!🐶🐱

How to donate?

🐾 There is no particular requirement. Anyone can help anytime. You can bring them anything that you think is necessary. You can send your donation via delivery. You can also donate in cash. Feel free to contact them for the details.

I suggest that you also inform them ahead so they can help you with other details / instruction

How much food/vitamins to give?

🐾 Again, no particular requirement, as long as giving comes from the heart of the giver. They appreciate everything you that you provide.

Why adopt a dog/cat?

🐾 Pets have the special ability to ease your loneliness and help you relieve stress. Taking care of them is like taking care of a baby. They can make us happy.

🐾 They can be our best friend. They are loyal to human.

🐾 You are saving a life. Not just that, you are changing one’s homeless animal world.

The love of a dog is so pure that is why they only deserve to be treated with so much love and care. If you want to have a dog, visit the shelter and adopt one. You will surely not regret it.

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