3 Days 2 Nights In Baguio

Baguio City, also known as the Summer Capital of The Philippines / City of Pines, is located in Northern Luzon, Philippines (about 4-5 hours drive from Manila, via TPLEX). This is also one of the places that many people include in their bucket list because of its unusual cool weather and breathtaking tourist attractions. There are a lot that you can visit when you go … Continue reading 3 Days 2 Nights In Baguio

“Drawing” – Our Imaginary Travel Plan

“Drawing”, The term that we use to describe a plan that doesn’t happen or a person who makes plan with us but suddenly backs out due to some reason. Last month, i felt like I was really in dire need of vacation because of too much stress both my personal and professional life were giving me, so I thought of asking a friend to go … Continue reading “Drawing” – Our Imaginary Travel Plan

Valentine Message To You, From Me

Your eyes that steal my words away, Your smile that makes my heart skip a beat, Your sense of humor that brightens my day, Your intelligence that impresses me a lot, Your dedication to your work that inspires me, Most importantly, your genuine heart and closeness to God that proves how great you are as a person. These are just some of the many things … Continue reading Valentine Message To You, From Me