Quarter-Life Crisis

Have you ever been anxious about your life? Have you ever felt like you have done everything you can and yet, you still haven’t accomplished anything? Have you ever asked what’s wrong with you? Have you experienced quarter-life crisis? As defined by Wikipedia, In popular psychology, a quarter-life crisis is a crisis “involving anxiety over the direction and quality of one’s life” which is most … Continue reading Quarter-Life Crisis

Valentine Message To You, From Me

Your eyes that steal my words away, Your smile that makes my heart skip a beat, Your sense of humor that brightens my day, Your intelligence that impresses me a lot, Your dedication to your work that inspires me, Most importantly, your genuine heart and closeness to God that proves how great you are as a person. These are just some of the many things … Continue reading Valentine Message To You, From Me

Jollibee’s “Vow” Follow-Up Commercial 

Earlier, I saw this commercial by Jollibee re: a girl who was friendzoned by her best friend, and later on became her bf (oh well, I assumed they became couple in the end). (Jollibee commercial, posted in Jollibee’s official fb page) https://www.facebook.com/JollibeePhilippines/videos/1508406992538855/ (Full story, posted in Trending Moves’ fb page) https://www.facebook.com/Trendingmoves/videos/743032935881514/ I know many people believe that it is best to be friends first with someone … Continue reading Jollibee’s “Vow” Follow-Up Commercial