Valentine Message To You, From Me

Your eyes that steal my words away, Your smile that makes my heart skip a beat, Your sense of humor that brightens my day, Your intelligence that impresses me a lot, Your dedication to your work that inspires me, Most importantly, your genuine heart and closeness to God that proves how great you are as a person. These are just some of the many things … Continue reading Valentine Message To You, From Me

Jollibee’s “Vow” Follow-Up Commercial 

Earlier, I saw this commercial by Jollibee re: a girl who was friendzoned by her best friend, and later on became her bf (oh well, I assumed they became couple in the end). (Jollibee commercial, posted in Jollibee’s official fb page) (Full story, posted in Trending Moves’ fb page) I know many people believe that it is best to be friends first with someone … Continue reading Jollibee’s “Vow” Follow-Up Commercial