Places to Visit in Subic Bay Freeport Zone

Heading Subic Bay anytime soon? Let me share with you some ideas on where to go. SBMA or Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority has been a part of me since I was a kid, and I am proud of this place because they were able to maintain the discipline in the area (though it wasn’t as disciplined as before). There are lots of tourist attractions that … Continue reading Places to Visit in Subic Bay Freeport Zone

Things to Consider When Traveling

I was thinking of the things that should be considered when traveling, and being one of the many who enjoys outdoor activities, I really know the importance of responsible traveling. We travel to collect memories. We travel to enjoy, but it doesn’t mean that we are permitted to do whatever we want to, especially if it harms our natural resources. The idea of writing this … Continue reading Things to Consider When Traveling

R&R Near Metro Manila

Traveling to different places is in demand this time. Some people do it for the purpose of updating their social media accounts, while some are really looking for R&R, especially after going through a very stressful week at work. No matter what our purpose is, we cannot deny the fact that for many of us, traveling holds an inherent element that causes our happiness. Some … Continue reading R&R Near Metro Manila

New South Wales, Australia

Note: I wrote this last August 12, 2016, and made some modification today (22-Jul-2017). I enjoyed my vacation so much that I forgot to upodate and publish this blog. Anyway, Im sharing it with you now. Sayang naman ang effort kung itatago lang. 😂 So, this is it! I’m flying to Australia. It’s my 1st time to travel outside Asia, and i’d like to share … Continue reading New South Wales, Australia

Japan Visa Application For Philippine Passport Holder

Many people say that Japan is one the easiest countries to apply for a tourist visa. October of 2015 when my friend asked me to get a visa so he could be able to show me the beauty of one of his favorite countries. Since it was my first time to submit an application for the said purpose, I conducted my own research and gathered … Continue reading Japan Visa Application For Philippine Passport Holder

Australian Tourist Visa Application for Filipinos

Last March 2016, my sister and I decided to book a flight to Australia, since there was a ticket sale. It will be my first out of the country tour outside Asia, if ever my visa will be granted. I was honestly in doubt if I could get one, but because I already had my ticket booked, I still decided to comply with the requirements … Continue reading Australian Tourist Visa Application for Filipinos