A Decade in Makati

August 16, 2018 officially marked my 10th year in Makati. It was a decade ago when I moved to this place to start another journey with my career as HR practitioner. I had a lot of expectations, a lot of dreams, and I honestly thought that living in this place, where I could earn more, would make my life easier, but I guess I was wrong. I had to go through a lot of challenges and some things that I expected didn’t really happen exactly the way I wanted it to. On the other hand, i thought of listing down some of the beautiful things that happened to me, which I believe I should be grateful for:

1. Independence – Being away from family has taught me about doing things for myself alone. I moved to an apartment and had to work so hard so I could pay for everything like rent, utilities, foods, etc.. I learned how to wash my own clothes, cook my own food, clean my own unit, and yeah, as time goes by, I learned to enjoy buying household stuffs, especially when they are on sale.

2. Stable Job – Although I am leaving my work in few months, I still feel so grateful that I had it for 10 years. I mean, considering the many opportunities I could have had, i chose to stay because I learned to love my job and it somehow helped me pay for my retirement insurance. Loyalty matters.

3. New Friends – Well, I must admit, I only had few friends from here because I seldom go out, and I really don’t have that friendly aura, but Im glad that I have met new people. Some friendships didn’t last long but it’s ok. At least somehow, at some point in my life, I know I made some people smile and they also made me feel like I really exist.

4. Love – Yes, this is another thing that made my stay in Makati more colorful. I fell in love, and I still am, with the same man, for almost a decade now, and although it’s not perfect, I am still happy because I’ve never felt this way before. I mean, it’s just different that I couldn’t even find the right word to describe it. All I know is that my heart belongs to someone special now.

5. Travel – Because of my job, and friends who also have stable jobs, I had the opportunity to travel to different places, both local and international. This is definitely one of the best experiences I’ve had in my entire life because going to different places, as my reward to myself for working so hard, is really like a dream come true to me.

Aside from the good things that happened, there are also these things that i wrote in my bucket list. These are the things that I have yet to achieve:

1. Have my own house, with my own garden, work station and library.

2. Buy my family a new car and drive a bigger car of my own (because I love traveling and I often bring a lot of stuffs).

3. Pet a dog in my apartment. I couldn’t let a dog stay in my current apartment because no one will take care of her when Im at work.

4. Gain more weight (lol!), but yeah, Im serious. That’s why Im trying to find a less stressful environment. Im going back to the gym for my program.

5. Have my own business. Who doesn’t want to be the boss of his own Company? I guess no one.

6. Have another part time job. I just feel like time is so essential that I couldn’t afford wasting it.

7. More international travel. Well, I hope that I would have a more balance time in the future. Travel and Earn. That’s my goal!

8. Enroll in script writing class and cooking class.

9. Be part of a charitable institution that supports less fortunate kids.

I couldn’t say Im extremely happy with my life now because I honestly feel like Im not, and the reason why I have decided to write this is because I am about to begin a new chapter in my life. There are still a lot that I wanted to achieve, and Im hoping that the new path I’ll be taking will bring me to where I really want to be. Anyway, Im not expecting to have everything I wanted, but at least, Im hoping that the coming years will be better. Besides, all I wish, in general, is to be completely happy (fingers crossed).

Downside of Posting A Photo Without Watermark, And Making It Available To Public

I was browsing my photo library and found again the picture that I believe was grabbed, by one facebook user, without my permission. This actually happened few months ago, but only my friends knew about it. I decided to write this blog so you’ll be aware of the downside of posting your own photo without watermark, and of course for all of us to be reminded of proper netiquette.

Ok, so let me share how things started. I posted some photos of our trip to Talisayen Cove, and it was set to public. I am very much aware that internet users have access to these photos and it was fine with me, because the main purpose why I allowed it to be viewed by public was to inspire and encourage them to include the place in their bucket list.

Again, i know that everybody has access to my downloaded photos, however, I never really expected that someone will have the nerve to just grab and edit it, and worse, use it for travel advertisement without caring to ask for my permission. Now, here’s the catch. The text inserted in the photo was not its real location.

This is the original, raw photo that I took:

This is the edited, grabbed photo. This place is Talisayen Cove and not Nagsasa Cove:

Few minutes after I made the post in my personal account, I saw this edited photo in a travel page that I also follow. It was used in advertising an island hopping tour package. I wanted to send a comment but decided not to because I still had to do some office work from home (well, i regret not telling the person).

From what happened, the photo grabber seemed to forget some netiquette:

1. Give Credit. Using other’s photo is ok but please have the decency to give credit if you cannot personally ask for the owner’s approval to grab a photo.

2. Do Not Mislead People. The photo grabber deceived other people by marking it with a wrong location. Apparently, he posted fake information when he made an offer for island hopping. Sharing photo with wrong location is like sharing fake news.

3. Have Sense of Professionalism. He was offering a tour but he doesn’t have any original photo of the location. He also didn’t consider reaching out to the owner of the photo that he grabbed. If he wanted to offer a great deal, then he should’ve visited the place himself first and take a good photo to share with  other travelers.

What have I learned from this experience?

1. Do not tolerate netizens’ wrongdoing. My photos do not have copyright symbol nor any watermark because I am totally ok if others want to share it (well, except of course for photos of myself). I just don’t like it being used to fool other people. As i have said, I regret not telling the person that I knew what he did. He could’ve deleted it immediately if he was informed.

2. Validate carefully the travel package offers. Do not be cozened by exciting photos and cheap rates. Avail travel package only from registered travel agencies, or better yet, plan a DIY trip.

Internet now occupies a huge part of our lives. It helps us in many ways so we should use it responsibly. Let’s not abuse the benefit we get from it.