New South Wales, Australia

Note: I wrote this last August 12, 2016, and made some modification today (22-Jul-2017). I enjoyed my vacation so much that I forgot to upodate and publish this blog. Anyway, Im sharing it with you now. Sayang naman ang effort kung itatago lang. 😂 So, this is it! I’m flying to Australia. It’s my 1st time to travel outside Asia, and i’d like to share … Continue reading New South Wales, Australia

Australian Tourist Visa Application for Filipinos

Last March 2016, my sister and I decided to book a flight to Australia, since there was a ticket sale. It will be my first out of the country tour outside Asia, if ever my visa will be granted. I was honestly in doubt if I could get one, but because I already had my ticket booked, I still decided to comply with the requirements … Continue reading Australian Tourist Visa Application for Filipinos