New Year, New Beginning

2019 is coming in few minutes. Before I set my plans, let me recap first my 2018:

Not so good things that happened:

– Heartbreak. I had to end a relationship that lasted for 8 years.

– I decided to resign from work after being employed for a decade. I ended my employment last December 10, 2018 and spent time with family and friends till the end of the year.

– I struggled financially. I had a hard time managing my finances because of so many financial obligations.

– I started feeling weak. I almost got sick every month.

Good things that happened:

– I was able to enroll in swimming and freediving class.

– I met new people who are now my friends.

– Although not as often as before, I was still able to visit different domestic places. Thanks to people who supported my travels.

– I was offered a new job and was allowed to start after new year.

– I had 3 week vacation/rest after continuous work for more than a decade.

– I never experienced being unemployed. I am still grateful that I always get to have a job before I leave my employer.

The first 3 quarters of 2018 were the hardest ones. These were the days when I felt like I was alone. The times when I almost quit my life because I felt so hopeless and worthless. On the other hand, this was also the year that made me realize that I deserve better. That is why most of the good things about my 2018 happened during the last quarter of the year. Thanks to my family and friends who constantly give me reasons to move on with life.

Now that we are about to start the new chapter of our lives, I would like to keep track of my activities that will help me become a better version of myself. They say that it is better if we set our goals so we have something to look forward to. So this 2019, these are the things that I wish to achieve:

1. Improve my swimming skills

2. Be a certified freediver. I already started taking the course, but I will continue my training till I get the certification.

3. Participate in activities that take care of marine ecosystem

4. Support charity

5. Be a certified Human Resource Practitioner

6. Self improvement. Enroll in different trainings related to HR

7. Learn new skill

8. Invest

9. Save more to acquire a property in 2020

10. Spend more time with family and friends

11. Travel at least once every 2 months

12. Do better at work

Thank you, 2018 for all the experiences especially the challenges. I was able to get through all the trials and now, I am ready to face whatever is in store for me this 2019.

Happy New Year, Everyone!

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